Business as usual

Keeping active on my projects has been rather troublesome switching between projects music, web design and blogging as it takes so much time to keep up with them all. I plan to work more on my blog and music which will help a bit while continuing to train. ūüôā

I will be posting some music up on the site soon for folks to listen to if they like.

Web design challenges and staying motivated.

I always considered most of my creative career paths as hobbies due to most of my interests being just that interests and not really turning over income but rather just fun creative projects to get me onto something that interests me.

When creating websites and testing things out I usually work on a few different tools that help me discover my own creativity when working on them.

GRAV was a really fun CMS to work with that took me on a different direction to learn coding so I had to dig into css & html to really get into the <div> tables and stuff which really was an interesting turn.

WordPress for me has been one of the most powerful tools to learn and even with all the new CMS options out there I always come back to WordPress because of the limitless options available for business application.

When I feel confident in something I generally try to take it to the next level and sometimes I get to that stage when I begin coding websites myself or working with database or databaseless sites.

I look at the project and how I can build on a Flat FIle CMS and send it to a client completed ready to upload and deploy.

but as Time went on I felt like in the end though the websites that I should be more focused on applying these ideas to are my own.

The Challenges Of Web Design

In the beginning going into web design I thought there may be a potential opportunity for me to get work building my own small business in creating websites but these days it has taken so much of my time for so little that I feel it best to return to focussing on creating music.
Marketing has never been my strong point I got into web design as a way of learning to make them for myself so only ever intended on a small client base to begin with just enough to cover the projects running and maintenance costs unfortunately I do not feel that I can offer anything better than anyone else other than my time.
Joinley was meant to be a small but DIY Solution that offered a little more than the standard offerings out there however I do not feel I can offer pro level service due to my limited knowledge in the field so may put the project on hold until I am more confident in my skills.

Will be picking up the skills required to.

1. Backup & Restore Multisites.

2 Remove or add a single site into a multisite.

3. Backup an individual site for clients without copying the entire multisite.

4. Database editing.

I have been overall pleased with the hosting service that I am using to build my websites feel free to check out my top recommended hosting provider great service at an affordable fixed rate!
As you can see I try to be as transparent and honest as possible when it comes to offering website solutions, in fact I would rather create and maintain a blog reviewing my experiences using different website editing tools, CMS and recommending hosting options so that people can feel more confident in creating their own websites.

Web design is fun I find for personal blog projects and small business websites I had wanted to take it further but it seems far more viable to look into affiliate referrals instead and focus on writing quality content that can help other people get started.

Stay Tuned for my future posts as we will be going over different CMS tools and looking at ease of use as a factor and many other things that may speed up productivity.