Ryzen Tests, New Cases & Overall Opinion

Over the last few weeks I have been testing out the new Ryzen CPU from AMD. the processor has been working well for my needs as a gamer and has plenty of power should I desire to take on streaming or video editing.

Other builds I have been working with or am planning is the Ryzen 1700 and the 1600 CPU I have also just ordered a GTX1080ti to work in my gaming builds for both the Small Form Factor gaming PC and the larger 1800x Ryzen system. Ill be testing gaming performance and every day work use while applying a mild overclock on the CPU.

After a few weeks of testing and waiting for Bios Updates for the Ryzen 1700 system I was able to bring up the voltage using the stock cooler of this mighty fine processor and get it up to 3.8 Ghz using the stock cooler on a cheap ASUS Prime B350M motherboard.

Why I chose this board? I chose this motherboard because it supported up to 64 GB of Ram and fits the needs of a single graphics card solution. As most of these cpus are best off with either 1 graphics card (the best you can afford) or 2 Crossfire cards should you need this.
I had the flexibility to put this board into a smaller case such as the Silverstone Sugo SG11 which is a fantastic little case though you may need to invest in some extra 80mm silent fans for the top of the case.
I will be testing a stock AMD cooler with the Ryzen 1600 before upgrading to a better option but if the stock one can manage 3.8 ghz overclock I cant see people needing much more than that for a portable gaming or media editing workstation.

If I was to build reliable and affordable computers for budget systems I would start with a board such as this so that the client could upgrade the system with a better processor and more ram should they need this.

Thermaltake V21 is also another excellent choice as it allows water cooling to be installed on the cpu, almost a must for summer gaming sessions.

Parts still to order in and Test.  Cryorig C1 as I need this for the build should be able to push a 1600-1700 to about 3.8-3.9 Ghz great for gaming and streaming.
Should you buy a top of the line motherboard? if the money allows for it yes but if your not doing extreme overclocking I am not  sure the money might be better spent on a good graphics card unless you need extra USB and Mass Storage options, for example these cheaper boards can handle 4-6 Sata Ports and 1 M.2 slot some have 2. so you can put 1 m.2 drive in and have a few sata ports spare for some WD black drives for gaming and media editing. with the size of hard drives and SSD’s these days you really don’t need so many sata ports anymore.
Silverstone Sugo SG11

I am currently testing with an Intel i7 4790 using just a stock cooler that came with it, its low footprint and room for a full size MSI GTX 970 fits really snug and I have room for several SSD drives should I want to expand this rout the CPU is clocked at about 3.8 Ghz The computer was one of my older pcs that I had apart due to hating the original case that it was in. cable management can be challenging in cases of this size but I was able to get the 2 PCIE cables to the graphics card and hard drive running with ease.  Mounting the DVD drive was awesome one of the reasons I chose this case is for its ability to burn CD’s should I need to or watch dvds.

This case would look great next to a TV in your lounge room or in the cabinet without sacrificing performance running a top of the line graphics card. I plan to test the cooling of this case with a reference blower card GTX 1080ti to see how well it manages in the case 4k gaming :).

With the cost of gaming hardware dropping building with smaller case footprints is now feasible as you can now look at console sized pc’s for the bedroom that do more than just gaming.

Dust filters, There are no dust filters with this case unfortunately my guess would be due to it only having a single fan at the front of the case you could easily purchase a small magnetic 120mm dust filter for your case and just have it stick to the side and cleaning should be a lot easier.

Overall This case is a great transportable workstation taking up only a small footprint while still being able to put in the large 1080ti full size power supply so you don’t need to spend a fortune to get decent wattage (I highly recommend going modular so you only put the cables you need in and nothing more.

CPU Cooler height is pretty limited 82mm. so you wont be putting a Noctua D15 tower in there but a Cryorig C1 would compliment this build beautifully.

Dimension ( with fan ) L144.5 mm x W140 mm x H74 mm

With restricted cooling options for a case of this height you could get away with the stock coolers just fine and run with a slight overclock, the Ryzen cpus can overclock but after you hit the voltage wall you need water cooling or a serious tower cooler to consider going much further anyway so a 3.8ghz oc that can be done using the stock cooler without being noisy isnt too bad at all for a gaming & productivity system if you compare this new stock cooler with the old 8350’s stock cooler omg the difference! its that much quieter the Ryzen stock coolers can be hardly noticed in the case.

Can this case use water cooling?

Good question as the case only has 1 intake fan facing the side in front of the hard drive caddy this may be challenging to do but I will attempt this sometime in the future, its for this reason I am looking into either sticking with the stock cooler or upgrading to the Cryorig C1 for its ability to cool the VRMS in such a confined area.  The Power supply is also only able to mount with the fan drawing air from the inside of the case which is good for getting better airflow through the case having a graphics card and psu drawing air out of the case should help with moving air.

Corsair 400C

Working with the Corsair 400c case was a breeze I was able to mount all my hard drives and easily hide most of the cabling within the shroud or at the back of the motherboard allowing for a very clean build. The motherboard chosen for this was the ASUS Prime B350 Plus The Processor a Ryzen 1800X and 16 GB of DDR4 2400 Ram as this system was built when the Ryzen 7’s were just being released I jumped at the 1800x and not long after grabbed the 1700 for my brothers build.
This case comes with some great fans plenty of ventilation and supports a full size radiator should you want to watercool your cpu with an AIO solution.
I absolutely love the air filters that come with this case I have barely had to clean the inside of this case which is a massive plus for low maintenance pc. (just clean the filters.).

Fractal Design Node 804

Working with the Fractal Node 804 was quite fun plenty of cable management options huge area due to it being a dual zoned case fitting all your hard drives on one side and PSU motherboard on the other side full sized graphics card and watercooling options should you need it. comes with 3 Fans a lot of cases only come with 1-2 fans so that was a welcome surprise.

Whats in the case, the Asus Prime B350M was fitted in this case with the Ryzen 1700 for my brothers gaming build. for now we are using the stock cooler which runs quiet even with a custom fan profile allowing the fan to ramp up and drop our overclocked cpu back to 40-50c. when running Cinebench tests the cpu now holds stable at 3.8ghz and is noticeably smoother than our previous 3.6ghz oc.  the Power supply in this machine is from an older build but I intend to replace with either an EVGA or Silverstone. 750watt.

Size of this case, as this is closer to a cube case this is rather large for an MATX but very nice to look at with a side panel to see the components.
Power button could have beep placed on the top or left side of the case instead of the right in my view as it can be easily bumped but due to the duel monitor setup of this build we came up with a workstation and gaming zone to make this an excellent pc for the music studio and gaming room.

My Thoughts On AMD Ryzen CPU’s

I have been doing a mountain load of research on the CPU’s changing from a 6700k to a Ryzen was a tough consideration but I was very impressed with the performance gaming and having extra threads should I desire streaming or heavy rendering workload (music projects).  would i buy the 1800x again?
after owning the 1800x and building a system using the 1700, I can happily say that with the 1700 if you can get an all core overclock using the stock fan at 3.8 ghz using a custom fan profile on the fan you would be unable to really tell the difference in every day gaming and streaming I purchased the 1800x because I wanted the best AMD had to offer to replace the 6700k but if I had the option to do it again I would probably have chosen the 1700. you get a cooler that overclocks just fine to 3.8 and its running games better than the old intel pc was. as the system is being used for wow raiding progression and music production I am amazed with the performance of the 1700 and would highly recommend it to anyone whos doing streaming or content creation. if you need more than 3.8ghz a Thermaltake V21 with an Aio would compliment this cpu and may get you to around 3.9 ghz or better thermals at 3.8

At the beginning the motherboards were having issues with black screens and blue screens on windows but after the latest bios updates things have been running very smooth I cant wait to see just how far this CPU lineup from AMD will be able to go.

Music Production these days seems to be handling fine If I max out the full potential of my motherboard and put in a full 64 gb of ram there will be plenty of headroom for VST instruments and should be able to keep up with my needs.

Graphics Card Choice.
For now I have chosen to stick with Nvidia cards for the builds but If I was to build a cheaper system I’d seriously consider either a AMD RX580 or GTX 1070 for a good balanced gaming pc 580 gives plenty of room for MMO Gaming that’s for sure so at this point it would be whatever is cheaper at time of purchase. GTX 1050ti is also another option as its fairly affordable and does not require a power connection from the power supply would love to get my hands on one of those for a build in future.  I am still using a 970 and find it the sweet spot for my workstation.

Anyway I hope this Post has answered some interesting questions as I will have some more updates regarding the Silverstone Sugo SG11 when I test with a 1080ti and new motherboard to see how well it performs while playing games how hot it gets.

Getting all my blogs up and running!

Hey readers, I am working on multiple websites with also a new one being planned to showcase some interesting things around my local area and building my business website to allow people affordable website space to create a sub domain under joinley and post their content up more details coming soon as these are big undertakings but i look forward to working on my blogs the most.

Ill be in touch


Xylitol Nightmare

I tried some xylitol in my coffee this morning and im still feeling the effects of it late tonight. I’m pretty much a stevia guy most of the time so i thought id try out some Xylitol thinking I would be ok so put in about a table spoon into a coffee which i have been blending with stevia no problem at all but woah put in the Xylitol and for the rest of the day i have an upset stomach and burning sensations down below. Not tge most pleasent experience think I might stick with Stevia for now on I have no idea why im having problems now but well learned my lesson and going to stick with the alternative haha.

How much has changed so far over my lifetime

How much has changed so far over my lifetime

Today sparks an interesting post one that I think many can appreciate.
I was born in the late 1980s and since growing up through these years and now looking at 2017 already mid way through I have seen so much change in technology its not even funny.
Looking at computers and internet browsing for example its amazing to see just how far that has come with watching videos over the internet vs buying Video Tapes, and Listening to music on Cassettes and CD's online gaming and buying games has changed so much, I used to rush into my local game shop to buy the latest games and consoles nowadays we can just order them online and have them shipped to our door same with online grocery shopping.

Creating Music for example has also been an amazing thing to be able to do on computers vs performing live using virtual instruments rather than real ones you can write chord progressions in midi and have an unlimited amount of virtual instruments perform them.

In a lot of ways things keep getting better in terms of technology and building computers has become more and more affordable. 🙂

Mobile phones is another thing I never thought id ever own but with the ability to browse the internet on them and do online shopping as well a phone isn't just a phone anymore and I prefer to use mine like a tablet to being an ordinary phone.

In guessing but in my lifetime I will see a future of Automated Self Driving Cars, planes and whatever else that's in store for our high tech future. lets just hope that travel continues to become more affordable as well so that we can visit our friends in different countries ;).

Business as usual

Business as usual

Keeping active on my projects has been rather troublesome switching between projects music, web design and blogging as it takes so much time to keep up with them all. I plan to work more on my blog and music which will help a bit while continuing to train. 🙂

I will be posting some music up on the site soon for folks to listen to if they like.

Web design challenges and staying motivated.

Web design challenges and staying motivated.

I always considered most of my creative career paths as hobbies due to most of my interests being just that interests and not really turning over income but rather just fun creative projects to get me onto something that interests me. When creating websites and testing things out I usually work on a few different tools that help me discover my own creativity when working on them. GRAV was a really fun CMS to work with that took me on a different direction to learn coding so I had to dig into css & html to really get into the <div> tables and stuff which really was an interesting turn. WordPress for me has been one of the most powerful tools to learn and even with all the new CMS options out there I always come back to WordPress because of the limitless options available for business application. When I feel confident in something I generally try to take it to the next level and sometimes I get to that stage when I begin coding websites myself or working with database or databaseless sites. I look at the project and how I can build on a Flat FIle CMS and send it to a client completed ready to upload and deploy. but as Time went on I felt like in the end though the websites that I should be more focused on applying these ideas to are my own.

The Challenges Of Web Design

The Challenges Of Web Design

In the beginning going into web design I thought there may be a potential opportunity for me to get work building my own small business in creating websites but these days it has taken so much of my time for so little that I feel it best to return to focussing on creating music. Marketing has never been my strong point I got into web design as a way of learning to make them for myself so only ever intended on a small client base to begin with just enough to cover the projects running and maintenance costs unfortunately I do not feel that I can offer anything better than anyone else other than my time. Joinley was meant to be a small but DIY Solution that offered a little more than the standard offerings out there however I do not feel I can offer pro level service due to my limited knowledge in the field so may put the project on hold until I am more confident in my skills. Will be picking up the skills required to. 1. Backup & Restore Multisites. 2 Remove or add a single site into a multisite. 3. Backup an individual site for clients without copying the entire multisite. 4. Database editing. I have been overall pleased with the hosting service that I am using to build my websites feel free to check out my top recommended hosting provider great service at an affordable fixed rate! As you can see I try to be as transparent and honest as possible when it comes to offering website solutions, in fact I would rather create and maintain a blog reviewing my experiences using different website editing tools, CMS and recommending hosting options so that people can feel more confident in creating their own websites. Web design is fun I find for personal blog projects and small business websites I had wanted to take it further but it seems far more viable to look into affiliate referrals instead and focus on writing quality content that can help other people get started. Stay Tuned for my future posts as we will be going over different CMS tools and looking at ease of use as a factor and many other things that may speed up productivity.