Web design, music production & my personal fitness journey, welcome to my blog!


Exit 39 Productions is an ongoing project that I am currently developing for a client.

DJ Mar N Dean is our music production team which I am proud to be part of for more information please visit

Building is a small business project to offer client websites on a budget. though uncertain at this time I am hopeful that it will grow as I get more confident.


Dean Barrett is an Australian Music Composer that spends his life learning a wide range of different things from music production to web design, he works with DJ Mar N Dean his band of 11 years that enjoys all things music as well as fitness.

Cootason was born out of an old nickname I was given at a young age my dad was always Coota and so I adopted the nickname Cootason.
Cootason grew into a blog website for my rants on web design gaming and other issues that interest me as well as my fitness interests it keeps me busy creating transparent content that may be of interest to readers seeking insite into the latest web design tools or the problems I face as a creative content writer.

Topics can and may include the challenges of getting paid as a web designer and the confidence issues I face while trying to build my brand.

All in all I love what I do and hope my posts may be of interest to you .